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AutoZone Liberty Bowl Tickets

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AutoZone Liberty Bowl

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Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

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Liberty Bowl Stadium

Top 15 best hotels near to AutoZone Liberty Bowl – Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, TN by Sports Trips

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AutoZone Liberty Bowl Tailgating

The Tiger Lane tailgating area can be accessed via Access 8 and Access 9 off Central Avenue. Additional parking spaces must be purchased to accommodate oversized vehicles or additional space for tailgating. Barbeques in tow will need to purchase an additional space and be able to provide receipts upon request.

Tiger Lane tailgaters can begin setting up at 8:00 am (CST) on the day prior to game day. All general parking and tailgating guidelines apply, otherwise. Tailgaters must make sure that their vehicle/utility trailer/grill/tent/other belongings will fit into their assigned space. None of these items must obstruct or infringe upon drive lanes, walkways, or non-owned/adjacent tailgating space(s). Vehicles or emptied trailers without proper credentials will be towed from the tailgating area. Should your vehicle be towed, please contact the Stadium at 901.729.4344?

TAILGATING (General): Tailgating in general parking areas (outside of Tiger Lane) must fit entirely into the assigned parking space so as to not block traffic or other vehicles trying to park. A maximum of one parking space may be purchased per vehicle. Tailgaters must make sure that their vehicle/grill/tent/other belongings will fit into the assigned space.

Gameday general parking/tailgating on LBMS property can be accessed via Access 7 (Central and Early Maxwell), Access 11 (Southern Ave. and Early Maxwell), and Access 10 (off East Parkway South). General parking is first to come first served, CASH ONLY. Parking lots open up for General Parking at 8:00am (CST) on each game day. All general parking and tailgating guidelines apply otherwise.

A maximum of one parking space may be purchased per vehicle. Oversized vehicles may be required to purchase more than one space.

In general parking/tailgating areas, tailgaters can begin setting up at 8:00 am (CST) on game day. All general parking and tailgating guidelines apply, otherwise. No items can obstruct or infringe upon drive lanes, walkways, or non-owned/adjacent parking/tailgating space(s). Vehicles or any other equipment without proper credentials will be towed from the parking/tailgating area. Should your vehicle be towed, please contact the Stadium at 901.729.4344.


NO STAKING, DRILLING, OR NAILING WILL BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON PROPERTY. Water barrels, sand bags, and cinder blocks will need to be obtained by guests prior to entering property. Guests that are found staking will be held responsible for any and all damage to the area of pavement/asphalt involved. All tent supports must fall inside each guests’ assigned area. On Tiger Lane and the RV w/ connections lot ONLY, tents can be set up beginning at 8:00am (CST) on the day prior to game day, and must be accompanied by an adult until game day kickoff.


The Tiger Lane Lawn is the large grass areas between Tiger Lane tailgating lots, running East from East Parkway South, towards the Stadium. Public without Tiger Lane tailgating passes need to park in general parking areas, and enter Tiger Lane on foot, only. Tiger Lane Lawn follows the same general tailgating guidelines listed on this page, with the following added prohibited items and information. There are no tent structures/grills/trailers/vehicles/large structures allowed on Tiger Lane Lawn. Blankets, lawn chairs, picnic items are all allowed and encouraged in these large grass areas.


Trashcans and dumpsters will be provided by LBMS and are for everyone’s use, and will be positioned in locations for the ease of use. Tailgaters should not move trashcans into their area at any time. Please dispose of trash properly. Waste food items should be placed in plastic bags and in trashcans or dumpsters provided. Please clean up your immediate area at the end of game day.


All tailgate items, cars, private portable toilets, and tents must fit within the purchased space. Tailgate credentials are good for the specified tailgate space only. On Tiger Lane, vehicles that do not fit into the purchased space due to other setup items, must purchase a general parking pass and park their vehicles in that designated location.

No stakes may be used anywhere on the property. Tents and other items must be weighted down.

Each vehicle must be parked inside the purchased tailgate or RV area when on the property. Vehicles parked illegally or in improper spaces will be towed at the owner’s expense.

No golf carts, ATV’s, or any form of unlicensed vehicles are allowed on the property. Vehicles carrying golf carts, ATV’s, or other unlicensed vehicles will not be allowed to enter the property.

The location of public portable toilets, public ash cans, and public dumpsters will be determined by stadium management, and they may not be relocated.

All driveways, fire lanes, and sidewalks may not be blocked at any time. Vehicles that violate this request will be towed at the owner’s expense.

No trailers, hot ash, equipment, supplies or vehicles are allowed on any grass area of Tiger Lane Lawn or the grass pads at any time during the event.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and roller blades are prohibited.

Weapons of any kind are prohibited.

No glass bottles.

Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages to be distributed (given away or sold) to the general public.

The use of candles or open flames is strictly prohibited in or near tents or awnings.

Wood chips or charcoal are to be used only in the cooking operations.

All ash, coals, and grease must be properly disposed of and removed from the grounds.

Ash, coal and grease are NOT allowed on the pavement or grass.

A fire extinguisher with a minimum 2A:10BC rating with a current (within one year) inspection tag on site.

Displaying or use of fireworks is strictly prohibited, and may result in arrest.

Open flames or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking device or any other unapproved devices shall not be permitted inside or located within 20 feet of the tent, canopy or membrane structure while open to the public unless approved by the fire code official in accordance with section 2404.7 of the 2009 IFC.

All tents, awnings, and approved air-supported structures must be flame retardant. A flame retardant certificate must be attached to the tent or on the site. A permit from the Memphis Fire Department is required for tents 120 sq. ft. and larger.

Fire Department policy will allow participants to use one (1) 20-pound bottle of propane for cooking purposes. The bottle must be secured and not connected directly to the cooking unit. A distance of 10 to 15 feet between the cooking unit and the propane bottle is desirable. All propane bottles must be D.O.T. approved for propane use and be equipped with a U.L. approved safety relief valve, a hose in good condition, and proper connections. Participants may have one (1) 20-pound bottle on site to use as a spare, provided it is secured and located away from any heating unit or open flame.

All guests must adhere to the Shelby County, Tennessee, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 16, Article III – Noise Regulations. It states: Section 16-63. Playing of musical instrument or sound device. The playing of any radio, phonograph, or any musical instrument or sound device, including, but not limited to, loudspeakers or other devices for reproduction or amplification of sound in such manner or with such volume, particularly during the hours between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of persons in any healthcare facility or in any dwelling or other type of residence, or of any person in the vicinity is hereby prohibited. This section shall not be construed to interfere with activities of a commercial or political nature where such activity is not primarily directed toward residential areas, or healthcare facilities, and where such activity is reasonable under the circumstances. (Code 1992, § 19-43; Ord. No. 168, § 1(3), 10-23-1995) 5


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Liberty Bowl Stadium Directions

From the South:

From Hwy 78/Lamar, go westbound to Airways, turn right (north) on Airways to Fairgrounds parking.

From Hwy 78/Lamar go westbound to Pendleton, turn right (north) on Pendleton to Southern, turn left (west) on Southern to Fairgrounds parking.

From I-240 take Airways (north) to Fairgrounds parking.

From the East:

From I-240, go north on Getwell, turn left (west) on Park, turn right (north) on Highland, turn left (west) on Southern to Hollywood to stadium.

From I-240, go north on Getwell, turn right (east) on Park, turn left (north) on Goodlett, turn left (west) on Contral to Hollywood and and stadium parking.

From I-240, go north on Perkins, turn left (west) on Poplar, turn left (south) on Hollywood to stadium.

From the North:

Take I-240 or I-40 to Sam Cooper Blvd., go west on Sam Cooper to Hollywood, turn left (south) on Hollywood to the stadium.

Take I-240 or I-40 to Sam Cooper Blvd., go west on Sam Cooper to East Parkway to Fairgrounds parking.

From the West:

From I-55 (south), take I-240 (north) to Lamar (Midtown), turn right (east) on lamar to Central, turn left on Central and conitinue eastbound to Hollywood and stadium parking.

From I-40 (Miss. River Bridge), take I-240 (south) to Madison Avenue exit, turn left (east) on Madison to East Parkway, turn right (south) on East Parkway to Fairgrounds parking.

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