Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tickets | Albertsons Stadium Hotels

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tickets | Albertsons Stadium Hotels

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tickets

Famous Idaho Bowl Tickets

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Whether you are planning a visit to Boise, heading out on the road to watch the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl big game, or just want to do some sightseeing in the Boise area, your Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tickets | Travel Packages has everything you need right here!

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Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 

Top 15 hotels Closest to Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – Albertsons Stadium in Boise, ID by Sports Trips

Albertsons Stadium is located in Boise, ID. It is the home of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.  Sports Trips is your source for a complete listing of hotels closest to Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, offering you the best rates on Albertsons Stadium hotels.

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Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tailgating

The University appreciates fan support and encourages ticket-holders to arrive early and enjoy food, fun, and the company of their friends at pre-game tailgate parties. However, those coming to the area for the game are expected to obey all state and local laws; treat fellow fans, including those supporting the opposing team, with civility as well as respect the property of others. In the interest of safety, sportsmanship, and consistency, we will not overlook behavior on game days that would not be tolerated at other times. The laws are the same on football game days as any other day of the year.

At its discretion, the University may terminate tailgate par­ties or take other appropriate action against individuals, groups, or organizations whose conduct is irresponsible, unreasonable or inconsistent with Boise State University, City of Boise and/or State of Idaho poli­cies and regulations, ordinances or laws.

For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please keep the following guidelines in mind when tailgating at Boise State University football games:


Please show respect, patience, and courtesy toward all security, ushers, parking attendants and game day personnel. These individuals are here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Any verbal or physical abuse of Boise State staff will result in the revocation of parking privileges and/or disciplinary action as necessary.


Again this year, state laws regarding use and possession of alcohol will be enforced on campus. Persons engaging in public indecency, disorderly conduct, lewd behavior and other violations are also subject to disciplinary action including arrest, issuance of a citation, exclusion and revocation of game tickets and parking privileges. Drinking games of any sort involving alcohol are prohibited during tailgating. Also, any activity which promotes alcohol consumption is prohibited.


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Albertsons Stadium Directions

North on the Harbor Freeway (110)

Exit Exposition Boulevard
Turn left to Flower Street
Turn left on Flower to Figueroa Street
Enter Exposition Park 1/2 block on the right
(39th Street/Exposition Park Drive)
Follow guest parking signs to the parking structure
Science Center street map directions
North on the Harbor Freeway (110) (Fastrak Express Lane only)

Exit 39th Street/Exposition Park Drive
Turn left on 39th Street/Exposition Park Drive
Proceed straight into Exposition Park
Follow guest parking signs to the parking structure
South on the Harbor Freeway (110)

Exit Exposition Boulevard
Make a soft left at bottom of ramp to Flower Street
Turn left on Figueroa Street
Enter Exposition Park 1/2 block on the right
(39th Street/Exposition Park Drive)
Follow guest parking signs to the parking structure

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